Donald Trump promises 'largest deportation operation in American history' if elected president

Ex-President Donald Trump, a Republican hopeful for the 2024 presidential race, outlines intentions for 'the most extensive deportation in American history' if returned to office.

At a rally in Reno, Nevada, former President Trump took aim at President Joe Biden, labeling him a 'low-IQ individual' and branding his presidency as 'the worst, most incompetent, and most corrupt' in U.S. history.

In a previous campaign event in New Hampshire, Trump expressed concerns about undocumented immigrants, characterizing them as 'poisoning the blood of our country' while criticizing the surge of migrants attempting to cross the border illegally.

Doubling down on his stance on immigration in Nevada, Trump reiterated his tough stance, promising an extensive deportation initiative in response to what he called 'unprecedented millions of Biden illegal aliens invading our country.' He pledged to dismantle Biden's open-border policies and utilize the Alien Enemies Act to expel known or suspected gang members, drug dealers, or cartel affiliates from the United States, aiming to eradicate illegal alien gang violence.

Trump remains a frontrunner for the Republican candidacy, eyeing his third consecutive election after winning in 2016 and losing to Biden in 2020.

At his Nevada rally, Mr. Trump targeted the president, labeling him as 'the most incompetent and corrupt' in the nation's history.

He criticized the surging US stock market, stating it only amplifies the wealth of the affluent. Three years ago, Trump had forecasted a market crash should Democrat Mr. Biden secure the 2020 presidency. However, the Dow Jones Industrial Average recently reached a new pinnacle, surpassing 37,000 and eclipsing the 2022 record.

During a 2020 debate, Trump had predicted a market collapse if Biden won, a forecast Biden derided after the recent market success. Trump had previously taken credit for a flourishing stock market during his presidency from 2017 to 2021.

Seeking to underscore an anti-Biden sentiment amidst the market's new high, the self-described billionaire linked the record to benefiting the wealthy, stating, 'The stock market is making rich people richer.'

Citing Biden's handling of inflation, Trump accused the administration of decimating savings and undermining American aspirations, painting a grim economic portrait: 'We are a nation witnessing an economy crumbling into chaos.'

The Republican primary cycle is set to commence on January 15 in Iowa, marking the initiation of the nomination process.

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