GOP Sen. Mullin Says Biden ‘May Not Be Impeachable’ Because He Wasn’t in Office at the Time of Accused Indiscretion

Oklahoma Republican Sen. Markwayne Mullin suggested that President Joe Biden may not qualify for impeachment in the House GOP investigation because if he did commit a crime, he isn't holding that same office anymore or wasn't even in office at the time.

"The bar is real high. There's not question about it," Mullin said in an interview on Newsmax on Friday morning. "It's got to be a misdemeanor or high crime or treason and the other part has to be committed while he was in office. The current office that he holds. So, what he did as a vice president or what he did in-between the two may not be impeachable."

Mullin's comment comes after the House voted to formalize the impeachment inquiry of the president when they are seeking to prove that Biden acted illegally in relation to his son's foreign business dealings.

In September, Mullin commented on the impeachment inquiry, saying that if the Biden Administration and Biden family had been more "forthcoming" with information sought by Congress, they probably wouldn't be pursuing an inquiry.

Every House Republican voted in favor of formalizing the inquiry, allowing three major committees to continue their investigations.

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