Car plows into parked SUV in Biden's motorcade outside Delaware campaign headquarters

In Wilmington, Delaware, an incident occurred where a car collided with a parked SUV responsible for securing President Joe Biden's motorcade as he departed from his campaign headquarters on Sunday night. Fortunately, both the president and first lady Jill Biden emerged unscathed.

As President Biden made his way from the campaign office towards his awaiting armored SUV, a sedan struck a U.S. Secret Service vehicle deployed to secure intersections surrounding the headquarters for the president's departure. The sedan attempted to proceed into a closed-off intersection, prompting Secret Service personnel to swiftly surround the vehicle with drawn weapons, directing the driver to raise their hands.

Biden momentarily paused, startled by the noise, before quickly being guided into the vehicle where his wife had already taken her seat. They were swiftly driven back home, and aside from this interruption, the president's schedule remained unchanged.

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According to Steve Kopek, a spokesperson for the U.S. Secret Service, the president's motorcade proceeded without any further issues. The local Wilmington police took charge of the crash, indicating that the driver wasn't deemed a significant threat to the president.

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