Trump claims at rally that immigrants are poisoning the blood of our country

In New Hampshire, the former president reaffirms a phrase that has faced widespread criticism for echoing white supremacist rhetoric.

Shortly after employing fascist language by using the term "vermin" to characterize disliked segments of American society, Donald Trump reiterated at a New Hampshire rally his assertion that immigrants are "poisoning the blood of our country."

Previously criticized for his remarks at a prior New Hampshire rally, where he vowed to eliminate "communists, Marxists, fascists, and radical left thugs," likening them to vermin within the nation who deceive, steal, and manipulate elections, Trump seemed to reinforce these sentiments during his appearance in Durham on Saturday.

"He told the crowd, 'They're contaminating the essence of our nation. That's what they're doing.'

'Across mental institutions and prisons worldwide, not solely in South America, but globally,' he continued.

'They're entering our country, from Africa, Asia, and beyond.'

This marks the second instance where Trump has employed the 'poisoned blood' phrase, drawing widespread condemnation for echoing white supremacist rhetoric.

When he first used it in October, Joe Biden remarked that the former president, facing 91 criminal charges, was adopting language reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

'Besides, Trump recently spoke about "The blood of America is being poisoned"... once again, echoing phrases from Nazi Germany,' Biden highlighted at that time."

CNN reports that if the former president secures victory in 2024, his intentions involve expanding the stringent immigration policies observed during his initial term. These policies, notorious for separating children from their families at the border and confining them in cages, are set to see an extension. Allegedly, the proposed new plans encompass placing undocumented immigrants, residing in the US, into detention camps, purportedly as a measure before their deportation.

On Saturday, he expressed his intention to "reinstate and broaden" travel bans to the US, recalling his 2017 restrictions that barred entry from several Muslim-majority countries and African nations. Additionally, he pledged to "enforce rigorous ideological vetting for all undocumented immigrants."

Broadcast journalist Mehdi Hasan remarked on Saturday, stating, "It's typical Trump strategy: make a shockingly outrageous statement, akin to neo-Nazi rhetoric, to grab headlines and provoke outrage. Then, wait a while. Repeat it, unnoticed, without coverage, until it becomes normalized and accepted."

He emphasized, "Let's be unequivocal: describing migrants as 'poisoning the blood' echoes Hitler's rhetoric." 

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